how to choose a good car transport company

there are many companies offering services of car transport but there are only 10% real companies others are brokers , you need to be serious before paying anyone person. you will need to check reviews about them on internet search in google or bing " company reviews " , " company complaints " . here are some problems you may have to face.

1. many companies will say that their service is very fast and on time .
   but 50% companies fail to keep their promise.
car transport

2. many companies promise that they can deliver your car any where but some time they are unable to deliver it to promised place , check their service before purchasing.
car transport

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Car transport

Car transport is a very helpful to people who are going to move to new places
Or to those who want to gift car to their dear ones or for those whom car
Has broken down but it is not easy to find a good company which helps you in this
Task. Many companies offer this service but the main problem is this that they not
Provide what they show. Most companies ask very less rates on their sites but they
Charge more by saying that "conditions apply". i am going to provide you review
About all car transport services.

Car dolly -
Car transportThis is a small dolly [transporter ] you can load car on it and then attach it
To a small truck or a pickup truck. It is easy to use and any driver can use it.
There are many companies which offer to rent dollies and usually you will get a
Pickup truck with it. But they not offer it for cheap. You will have to choose
From given packages smallest package starts from 1 weak, if you want it only for
Car transport
2-3 days you will still have to pay for a weak. If you need a dolly for more than
5-6 months then you may have to pay $2,000 or more in rent then instead of getting
a dolly on rent you can ask a local iron welding shop or a local mechanic to make
a simple iron structure with two tires and one hook. It will be more cheap and you
will be owner of dolly. Now you will be able to use it for life time.

Small car transport truck -
many companies offer this service it is more safe than dolly and it is also more expensive.
it will protect your car from dust and rain/snow . 
Car transport

Big truck car transport - 
it is more cheaper than  small truck because it can transfer many cars and it is good.
but you need to be wise before choosing your transport truck . 
owners make a mistake , never load your car on this type of truck it is dangerous.
Car transport

your car will be more safe with this type of truck
Car transport

Tags: Car Transport, Big truck car transport, Small car transport truck, Car dolly, Safe car transport